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Trevion Wilson

Trevion Wilson

July 12

How can I avoid HOA fees?

While for some people it’s ok to be a part of a homeowners association, for others it can be quite the issue. The reason is simple, many HOAs have their own set of fees, and that on its own can become a challenge to take into consideration. Which is why it’s a good idea to figure out how to avoid HOA fees, and here are some ideas.

Hire power washing services yourself

An HOA will end up charging you a lot of money themselves just to clean up concrete or your home. You can easily contact Zeal Power Washing directly and not deal with any extra fees brought by the HOA. By working with Zeal Power Washing without intermediaries, you get to pay less money while still obtaining an exceptional experience. This goes to show the value and quality that you receive in a situation like this.

Choose the right insurance service

The reason you want to do that is because some insurance services will end up covering many issues that the HOA requires you to pay for. So this can be a great way to avoid HOA fees, and certainly one of the better ideas to focus on. Just try to keep that in mind.

Hire a property manager

More often than not, having a property manager will help you avoid HOA fees. That way you can have someone take care of the property and even handle things like tenants while you are away. It will make the process easier, while preventing any issues.

Replace high maintenance landscaping

What you can do is to reduce the need for constant landscaping services just by replacing high maintenance landscaping with something that needs less maintenance. It saves time and money, and you can lower the HOA fees.

The idea is simple, every HOA has their own fees for pretty much everything. While some HOA fees are mandatory for everyone, there are also optional things that you have to keep in mind. That’s why you should either consider hiring contractors on your own or just replacing things that need intense maintenance from the HOA. That way you can still save a lot of money and not deal with the high fees brought by the HOA. It’s a great idea, and once you implement this, you will be very happy with the results. Use that as an advantage, and you will see how much money you can save!


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